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Life // Reading Inspo 

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At home you’ll more than likely find me curled up on the couch, either in my reading corner sat in the sun on the weekend (yes, that’s a thing!) or in bed with a magazine.     I’ve always been a magazine addict and as I’ve grown older this habit hasn’t changed. It’s even one of…

Life // Weekend Treats

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New lipstick, Glamour magazine, updating my diary sat in the sun on a lovely Saturday morning drinking fruit tea.    This was me yesterday morning. It was a beautiful day with a basic to-do list: sweep, do the ironing, relax. Those are my favourite kinda weekends. Yes it’s great to be busy and have a…

Life // The Sunday Edit

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   This week I finally reclaimed my social life after weeks of spending time at home.  Friday night I chucked together the leftover veggies I had in my fridge with some chicken and ended up making the most delicious enchalladas. Winner! Yesterday was date night and what a day it was! We started with a…

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