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Daydream Believer

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Today. Job Interview. Scary. Yes, it is was that time of the week again where the dreaded job interviews were taking place. Today it was the turn of an advertising company in Manchester. Wasn’t that nervous, until it started. That’s when it hit me. Shit, I want this job. Thought I did horrendously. It seems having scheduled holidays…


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For people to get back to you about job interviews is the exact same as waiting in the freezing cold on a Winter’s morning for the 395 bus that just apparently decides not show. Frustrating and the reason why I have chewed all my nails off. Arghhh!! Just do the decent thing and email a…

Holiday season

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Zante- 17 days. Dreaded PA Resit- 15 days. Shitting a brick constantly for the next 2 weeks. Zante much needed. But today’s job- Decide on holiday clothes. Actual nightmare. Nothing I ever buy matches anything I currently own or have recently bought. Due to next season’s stuff being in the shops already I feel like a mad…

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