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Life // Why blog in 2016?

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Blogging has shifted from being a place to house an online diary to becoming a massive industry that’s presenting ordinary people as cover girls and those to aspire to become. I started this very blog back in the summer of 2010 to build a portfolio of work, articles rather to showcase in future job interviews….

Loving your own life

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Sometimes it’s so easy to lose perspective. To get dragged done by the day-to-day stuff you’ve got to do, to take a step back and appreciate what you have. As much as I lust after the latest designer handbag, gorgeous nail varnish colours and basically the entirety of my ASOS Saved page, they aren’t necessary…

My Stationary Fix

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I can’t believe its the end of January 13 already. This month has kinda dragged but kinda flown for me, an odd one but quite a good month all in all. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about on this fine Thursday eve. I have something to get off my chest. I heart…

My Dream Writer’s Space

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When it comes to blog content, my inspiration for posts can never be pinned down to one ‘thing’. Articles I read in magazines, the newspaper, the Metro on the bus, news articles I catch on the 6 0’clock news. Conversations with friends, rediculous Facebook status updates, tweets that make me think. Having WordPress on my Blackberry…

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