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The measure of success

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Success. Such a small word yet measured on such a massive scale. We, as people, spend so much time benchmarking our worth against other – friends, family, work colleagues, yet we take little time to stop and appreciate ourselves.  Now is the time.    One person’s measure of doing well may be a house,…

Broadchurch- Review

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Broadchurch. The ITV drama that took us all by storm and became unmisssablee television and the one show I’ve been obsessed with over the past 8 weeks. It’s at this point I must advise if you haven’t watched the series and wouldn’t like to be told who dun it, then stop reading now. From the casting,…


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So, I know I have covered my on-going battle to find my dream hair colour on here before, but I haven’t spoken about it for a while. My natural colour is a strawberry blonde (trust me this IS a real colour), however I first started dying my hair red back in 2008 and I got hooked….

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