DIY New Build Pantry

New builds are notorious to be short on storage space. Whilst we have a comfortable townhouse with three stories, little nooks and crannies to store things away are few and far between. So, you have to fashion whatever additional storage space you can.

We have an ‘under the stairs’ cupboard that’s home to dog food, the bin, Darren’s golf equipment, the maiden, ironing board and no joke, about 100 bags for life that we’ve acquired over the years. I get in there every few months and have a mammoth tidy, but it still remains organised chaos.

I spotted on an Instagram account of a home that used the same builder as us, they’d fashioned a pantry under the stairs. One screenshot and share with the other half later, he was on board and the wheels were set into motion for half term.


How we did it

IKEA to the rescue! Of course. The space is narrow thanks to an ill placed fuse box. If only it was a few cm higher! Plus the slant in the roof meant we had to get the height just right. It does go quite far back down to the left, but this is where the golf clubs and golf trolley live. Plus the maiden, which is huge, needed to fit back in too.

IKEA kallax was our unit of choice. Sturdy with deep squares of storage. Perfect for an assortment of basket sizes and home to dog stuff, tins, cleaning products and more.

After….ta da!

It’s still a work in progress with more to come. We need to get smaller baskets for the shelves and storage for rice, pasta etc. We’ll probably add a spice rack to the wall on the left too, as I must have about 30 and that will free up cupboard space.

So far, so good. We’re happy with how its looking and a Home Bargains trip is on the cards to get it finished! Who knew I’d be so thrilled with spending a Friday of annual leave making a pantry?!

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