Five Favourite Things: September

2020 just keeps getting stranger and stranger doesn’t it? Liverpool is now in local lockdown, the country is adhering to kind of lockdown rules and it feels like it’s neverending. But, we keep going.

I’ve been in my new job three months now which has flown over. My three months spent in early life retirement feels like a lifetime ago and autumn has officially begun. I’ve been on a new coat hunt.

We’re hoping to go up to the lakes next month. Well it’s booked, but who knows what will happen in the next six weeks? But I’m now at the age where I want ‘sensible’ coats. Warm, waterproof and suitable for all-weather dog walks. I’ve found a couple so I’ll share them soon cos I’m sure the readers of this blog are my kindred spirits and all we want in life is a warm coat!

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