Does Privacy As A Blogger Exist?

Last week we went up to the Lakes for a few days. It was lovely. Typical Lake District weather – sunny and hot on day one, pouring rain on day two and a mixed bag on day three. We loaded the car with shorts, t shirts, factor 50 and all of our waterproof gear – basically ready for all weathers.

We had the best time. A real pause on real life and relax. Good mix of long walks, good food, better drinks and afternoon post-walk naps in a huge king size bed. Perfect.

On the way home after a proper recharge, Darren commented that he noticed I only took one photo of our food whilst we were away. Our desserts on the last night cos they were incredible. And I replied saying I hadn’t even realised and I really enjoyed being in the moment.

Yes, I took loads of photos but these are for our family memories and I’ve already placed an order on Free Prints so I can get a few framed. I replied to him saying I hadn’t actually posted anything ‘publically’ on social media while we were away. I took advantage of the Close Friends setting on Instagram Stories and shared three or four snapshots to genuine friends, who I didn’t need to worry knew our house stood empty and were 120 miles away.

It’s funny because before we left we closed all the blinds in the house, triple checked all the windows were locked, told our neighbours we were away so we knew our pride and joy home stood safe in our absence, so the thought of advertising that we’re away to 1222 people on Instagram would have been the biggest contradiction.

Yes, I realise that figure is small fry to some but I now understand why the likes of huge ‘influencers’ Mrs Hinch and Lydia Millen specify that they have house sitters etc when you go away as their home is their livelihood and it feels odd to advertise it is vacant. Whether you have a social media presence or not.

Get to the point, Ruth

Having said all that, the reason for this post is that I’ve decided to set my Instagram to private. I’ve gone through my follower list, deleted those who I didn’t feel comfortable with and I feel good for it. I hardly grow on Instagram and my blog is my love. I’ve written here since June 2010 and I won’t be stopping anytime soon, but I wonder can you blog and have a private Instagram?

I believe you can. I do think there’s something to be said with living so publically on social media and whilst I adore social media and Instagram as a platform, I do think less is more. O rarely post in real-time and value the importance of my families privacy. Especially with my fiance being a high school teacher – one in IT as well so he drums into me regularly the importance of being safe and careful with personal information online.

This is just a written down hashed out version of the thoughts that have gone through my mind over the past few days. Striking the balance is so important and I feel good about my decision already.

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  1. Bella says:

    It’s such a fine line to tread isn’t it. I wish there were more privacy settings on Instagram so you can choose alternate depending on content, without having to have a private Instagram and a public one. Do what feels right for you, I might do the same soon too! X

    • Ruth Writes says:

      Ah yes that would definitely be a good option! Sadly with the newest rollout, Instagram will show your posts to non followers which is great to grow, but not if you like having a platform but want to monitor who views your content. Such a minefield!

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