Saving Money For The Year Ahead – It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

The famous smart shoppers, those who faithfully compare prices, chasing offers, believe that their effort will be rewarded in their pocket. However, sometimes choosing the cheapest, in the long run may not be the smartest move for their wallet and ultimately cost them more. So here are some ways to save money and save up for the things that really matter in life. 

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Save on your car.

Buying a used car is a great way to save money. But before you buy it it is good to pay a reliable engineer to check it. It is something that can cost, but it will definitely save you a lot of unnecessary expenses afterwards.  Also, do not forget to service your car in any case, to change tires, oils and everything necessary regularly, because simply the longer you delay the bigger problems and therefore higher costs will arise. If you need to look at buying a new car and don’t have the funds currently, then you can always look at Buddy Loans.

School supplies

Get ahead of the game! It may sound funny, but it works. And of course it does not only apply to school bags and other school supplies but to all those things that also have a practical side. A cheap school bag can meet the temporary needs of a child, however, it is certain that it probably won’t get them through the full wear and tear of a year. Therefore, it is very obvious that there are some things that are worth buying if not the most expensive, definitely the best and also definitely not the cheapest. In the long run it will be in the interest of our pocket. You could look at coupons in magazines and online to get upto 50% off certain items for back to school. 

Reward cards

No need to explain why such a card is worthwhile. The difference between a reward card and a simple card is that in the first case you will win something from the card you will use in the end anyway, while in the second case you will use the card anyway and absolutely nothing profits. Reward cards, even if they have an annual subscription, are advantageous because banks make sure to partner with many different types of stores by offering discounts or the possibility of redeeming points that one can simply collect … using their card. Reward cards are often given out in many stores so be sure to ask or have a little look online.

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Plant some herbs and veg

Even if you do not have a large garden or large terrace to grow vegetables and fruits you can plant the herbs you use every day in your cooking. Planting mint, basil and mint will save you money from shopping in the supermarket while you will learn to put your own herbs in your food. Also growing vegetables will be hugely beneficial to your family and will also make you feel healthier in the long run. 

Set a goal to save money

Deciding to save at least one euro is generally helpful. An emergency fund, for example, is a typical goal that includes saving for living expenses of three to six months. But during a crisis, think about whether it is appropriate to set new – achievable – goals. The way you save may also need to be modified. If you use automatic transfers from your payroll to a savings account, see if the amount you saved is still possible for you. If not, reduce the amount. Or, as a last resort, cancel transfers for the time being and make one-off transfers whenever possible. It is certainly a positive change to make in your life. 

Do not struggle without a plan to save money

If you have an “emergency fund” and need it now, use it. But calculate the amount you need before withdrawing and watch step by step how you spend it. You will probably need to save again and it would be good not to start from scratch. “Everyone has a different sense of what would give them a sense of security,” says financial analyst Kelly Long. For some people, for example, “seeing zero in their account can have a very negative effect on their sense of financial security.”

Avoid frequent and frequent withdrawals

Monitor the frequency with which you operate a savings account. Prefer to make withdrawals at regular intervals, so that you always have a picture of the money you keep in the bank. At the same time, try to control your spending so that you do not exceed the amount you have already decided to spend at certain intervals. Self-control is ultimately a great virtue. This is also important with your credit card. Don’t overspend and be sure to be careful to not overspend and get into debt when you can’t afford the repayments in time.

Make savings automatic

Almost all banks offer automated transfers between your savings accounts. You can choose when, how much and where to transfer your money. Creating automated transfers is a simple way to save money, as you do not need to think about it and it generally reduces the temptation to spend money.  Also be sure to record your expenses and this can be done simply without having to even use any type of app – do it on your phone on your notes section.  The first step to saving money is to calculate how much you spend. Keep track of all your expenses – this applies to every coffee, household item and tip. Once you have your data, organize the numbers by category, such as gas, supermarket items and fixed costs. 

Recent studies have shown that the cost of raising children has doubled in the last 10 years. Saving the family budget comes first and you should always ensure you have enough to cover your child’s costs and your own so that you can live comfortably and still really be happy. Nobody said you have to cut everything out, but panning and saving will be key to future happiness.

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