Castle Street – Lockdown Takeouts To Hit Up in the Sun

After three months I finally braved the train and bus to head into town for the first time in three months. The last time I was in the city centre was on the 16th March when I finished work at my old job and we left the office ahead of a trial WFH day, incase lockdown hit….

Since that day, I’ve pretty much been at home ever since. Bar the ‘every 10 days’ ASDA shop and distancing at my fiance’s mum’s. So, going on the bus and the train to get into town felt so weird but lovely at the same time. So nice to have some freedom and of course, meet up with two friends who I haven’t seen for three months. Group chats and video calls have been lifeline’s but having some IRL facetime was so nice.

Exchange Flags have pop-up food stalls on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we met there and got a drink. Whilst we arrived to grey skies and sheltered from a short rain shower, blue skies soon came through and it was lovely and warm. Kind of felt like life was normal, as we moved down to Castle Street in search of an alcoholic spritz and with the sun out and a spattering of the bars and restaurants doing take out, it felt so good to be back.

Gino D’Acampo Spritz and Takeout

Gino’s at the top of Castle Street are open for take out via collection and Deliveroo. With speakers playing music, it was certainly a ‘town in the sun’ vibe and they are open to buy Aperol Spritz, Wine Spritz and beers to takeout.

The atmosphere was great – not too busy, small groups of mates meeting up to distance and have a drink and something to eat. I was very conscious of not drinking too much, alcohol or not cos of the lack of toilets situ though. One downer if you’re planning on being in town all day.

Rudy’s Pizza

Rudy’s Pizza is open – again for delivery or collection. They’re not selling alcohol but soft drinks and all pizzas on the menu. I was a bit peckish so decided to get a classic margherita. Having only had Domino’s and make-our-own pizzas during lockdown, having a restaurant quality pizza tasted great in the sunshine and the other half even better in the garden at home.

I’ve just spotted that Rudy’s are offering home delivery of bake your own which is great and I’ll definitely consider that.

I was surprised to see Maluco are closed still. I thought they would definitely be open for takeout drinks or at least pizza by the slice. And I read that Olive has announced they’re closing their doors for good as they couldn’t survive the lockdown period.

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  1. Isn’t crazy how much things have changed in only a couple of months!

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