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Yep, at last, we have actually added art to our walls. We moved in 2018 and we’ve ummed and arr’d about how to style our house and the grey vibes we thought would be throughout the house has moved on and we’ve now started to introduce lots of monochrome and black into the house.

The main areas we’ve added wall art to is the lounge, hallway/staircase and our bedroom. We have a mix of personal photos and artwork, in the form of canvas prints around the house.


These are the prints we chose in situ. We went for a series of white, grey and blue prints that match and tie the downstairs together in a seamless way. She says. Hopefully! We got them from IKEA at Christmas and finally got them up at the start of lockdown.

We are planning on expanding on the prints on the stairs into a gallery wall with some personal photos in black frames. We do have a frame with holiday photos in and personal pics on the opposite wall of the stairs, but I can see is adding more!

Master Bedroom Prints

I was very lucky enough to collaborate with Modern Map Art on a personalised star map for the house and we placed it in our bedroom. We chose to get the constellation of this house, as it’s our third house we’ve lived in together but the first that we own and this is where Darren proposed so we chose to have the date of our engagement added too!

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