Seven POC Food Bloggers To Follow on Instagram

The last week has been an eye-opener for many and in so many ways to overdue – normalising different cultures, understanding how white privilege makes POC feel across the globe and standing hand in hand to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Pushing the need for diversity on our TV screens, social media channels, education curriculum and workplaces is just the start.

I admit, I didn’t recognise my privilege as a British white woman and that’s embarrassing. I’ve listened and read this week. I’m embarrassed as I have friends who have been campaigning the Black Lives Matter movement around me and I’ve heard them, without fully understanding the magnitude of it. Whilst I’ll never understand, I can vow to push for diversity when I work on marketing campaigns – in my professional life and as a blogger and I can continue to share and ask questions.

When I really started to think about diversifying the accounts I follow, books I read and how to put what we’re reading on Instagram into practise and relate it to my everyday life, I realised the food bloggers and food creators that I follow on Instagram and Twitter are already diverse and are the source behind many a great recipe that I’ve made with love over the years. So I thought I’d share a series of food bloggers that I love to follow and thought it could I inspire someone in turn. I do realise this list is small in comparison to the thousands of food creatives out there across the globe and I would love to hear reccomendations too down in the comments and I hope to expand this post out in time. This list is who I thought of from the top of my head and who’s posts I engage with from the Britain’s Best Home Cooks Instagram page.

1. Alexis Adjei

2. Rukmini Iyer – author of the Roasting Tin books

3. Adah’s Spoonful of Inspo

4. Flexitarians Food

5. Nomas Creates – former MasterChef finalist

6. Good Food Tales

7. Nadsy Cooks

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  1. It’s so important that we educate ourselves on racism and use our voices and platforms to speak up x

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