New Build Updates – Redesigning Our Bathroom

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This is the room in the house with the least clutter, yet also one of the few that we haven’t touched at all – despite having lived in it and used it daily for over two years. We’re lucky enough to have a downstairs toilet and an en suite with a shower, so because this isn’t our only bathroom it’s far less cluttered and generally used for baths only, so that like to keep it minimal and zen.

We do have a few plans for it though and I think it’ll be one of our next projects after lockdown. As it’s a new build its the basic speck, so just one row of white tiles along the bath and above the sink and white walls. Minimal. But this is going to be our room where we really play with colour.

We both love the idea of having dark blue tiles and making it feel quite luxe and decedant. V different vibe to the rest of the house, in terms of rich deep colours but we think it’ll work really well.

I recently subscribed to the Neptune brochure and I’ve loved getting ideas and bathroom inspo, that we can emulate on a budget. I’ve really enjoyed looking at Soak, Neptune, Bath Store and even Victoria Plumbing, incase we decided to get a new suite. If you’re in need of accessibility, I’d reccomend Disabled Bathrooms for accessible bathrooms ideas. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a larger, rounded bath fitted….

These are the kinda bathrooms on our Pinterest mood board…

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