How I Got My Hair To Grow in Lockdown

Extra time at home had had some perks, the main being that my hair has grown for the first time in years. I had my hair cut into a bob in 2011 and have been religiously dyeing it for even longer, so hair growth isn’t always in my favour.

But being in lockdown means I’ve been washing it less, leaving hair masks on for days on end, hugely reduced the amount of amount of heat I apply and it’s grown a lot. I’ve reduced how much I dye it and I went back to blonde in February and it’s meant I could leave it and let it do it’s own thing.

October 2019 ➡️ May 2020

Whilst I prefer the colour I had in October and I’m tempted to go darker, as it’s far too yellow now but it feels great and thicker than normal, if that’s even possible!

Products I’ve Been Using

Shampoo – Garnier Ultimate Blends Smoothing Hair Food in coconut. Love this shampoo, it feels amazing and like I’m giving my hair a drink, which is so needed to nourish it.

Conditioner – Pantene Repair and Protect is a classic, budget buy and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Silver Conditioner – Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning conditioner. I bought it from Look Fantastic at Christmas and I use it once a week. It’s helped to bring my hair back to fully blonde, but I think it’s too yellow now. Tempted to add a pale pink soon to reduce the yellow tones.

Kerastase Mask – I love love love this hair mask. I’ve been using it once a week, but leaving it in for two to three days at a time and I think this has massively contributed to it’s growth and condition. It smells incredible and whilst it’s not cheap, I highly recommend it. I’ve got about one application left and I’m gutted. Need to ask Darren if it’s a spend I can use the joint account for so I can restock…

Redken Heat Protection Spray – I’ve been using this on the odd occasion when I’ve been straightening my hair and it doesn’t feel too heavy or thick.

Morrocanoil Treatment – Again, I’ve only got one application of this left and I’ve used it on the ends of my hair when wet as I’ve been leaving it to air dry and it’s helping my split ends. I do really need a trim, but this is keeping it smooth and silky.

Other little tips I’ve been reading about to encourage hair growth, which I’ve been doing for the last six weeks include –

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