Oooph Kebab Veggie Gyros Recipe

I’ve loved gyros for years, ever since I was a kid and used to go on family holidays to Greece. Following a veggie diet means sometimes thinking certain meals or dishes are off-limits, but there’s always a veggie fakeaway work-around. Enter Oooph Kebab, made from tofu. We buy ours from Asda but I’ve heard it’s available in Tesco too and frequently on offer. And so this is the basis of my veggie homemade gyros.



  1. Start by chopping your white potatoes into wedges and toss in olive oil and paprika. I use frylite as it’s easier tbh. Pop in the oven on 180 for 30 minutes
  2. Next, chop the red onion and cherry tomatoes and place in a bowl with a generous helping of red wine vinegar and set aside to pickle the veg. This can be done in advance too and saved. I do this weekly in a large kilner jar
  3. The Oooph Kebab can be cooked from defrosted or frozen. I cook from frozen in a hot frying pan with a splash of olive oil and chopped peppers in the same pan. Cook on a medium/high heat for 10 minutes turning regularly
  4. Once the kebab meat is cooked, build your gyros! I smother the flatbreads in tzatiki first, then pile the kebab ‘meat’ and peppers, top with your pickled veg and then a generous helping of yummy, crumbly feta cheese. Get stuck in!
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