Salt & Pepper Chips and Black Bean Noodles

I only really began cooking Chinese style fakeaways in April as it was Darren’s birthday and we couldn’t go out! I’m still learning and experimenting with flavours so this is definitely a work-in-progress and I thought I’d blog it as it’ll be good to look back on as I get better!



  1. Chop your potatoes and toss in oil, salt and pepper. I use frylite and then cook in the oven for 30mins on 180
  2. Pop your noodles and chopped brocolli in the same pan with water to cook on a low heat
  3. You’ll need two large frying pans – apologies for the washing up from this one, but it’s worth it! Put one pan to the side and place one on the heat. Add a dollop of oil and then add your garlic, ginger, Thai red paste along with half the chopped onion, on chopped red pepper and then add a splash of soy sauce. Cook on a medium/low heat.
  4. Once your noodles and brocolli are cooked, drain and add to your frying pan on the hob
  5. Pop your noodle saucepan in the sink in soapy water and place your second frying pan on the heat. Add oil and the remaining onion and peppers.
  6. Add your black beans drained from the tin to the noodle pan and an generous dollop of sweet chilli sauce. Leave that to cook through.
  7. You want your peppers and onions in your second pan to go crisp & almost caramelise. But not burn, so keep the pan heat at an even temperature! Once your chips are cooked add to the frying pan, give both pans as good generous drizzle of soy sauce and season your chips with salt and pepper…again.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

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