Weekly Lockdown Life Diaries: 1st May 2020

It’s been a hot minute since last week’s edition, but here we are again. How is it Friday already? I swear it was just the weekend! Does anyone else feel like the weeks are passing so quickly? What to report in this weeks installment I hear nobody cry. Lets get to it…

We walked 30k!

Half way through April I set myself and Molly the challenge to see if we could walk 30k on core dog walks alone and over the course of six walks we achieved our goal! Before lockdown I would always travel to scenic places to walk Molly like Otterspool Prom and Sefton Park, but knowing we can walk somewhere so green and peaceful within 20 mins from the front door is a blessing at this time. And for a woman who doesn’t do much movement and a Frenchie who less than 12 months ago was very poorly and was taking daily painkillers to just walk around the block, I’m so proud of us both! Now to see how far we can walk in May!

Setting up as a freelancer

When I handed my notice in back in February, I didn’t really have a plan. To quote Phoebe, I didn’t even have a pla. Then covid-19 happened and all roles I had applied for where paused, so it was back to my original thought process – give freelancing a go. I’ve been working in marketing for eight years now and I’ve learnt a lot since I started in ecommerce back in 2012, so I think I’m in a better place financially and knowledge-wise to give it a go. And so far, so good. I’ve secured a couple of jobs to date, I’m building my portfolio and it’s nice to be back working a day or two a week after three weeks of full chilled out relaxation.

Once I closed the laptop on my last day with my old agency, I was ready to stop and do nothing. Literally. A full break was needed to switch off. Not think about bloggers, clients, links, logging time for a couple of weeks and whilst lockdown isn’t ideal, my own home enjoying the sunshine in the garden with the inability to go anywhere was exactly what I needed.

But, I feel revived, I’ve done a bit of a brainstorm of how I would like the next 12 months to pan out, the kind of brands and companies I would like to be working with and working for and I feel ready to slowly get back to it. One week at a time.

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