Six Charlotte Tilbury Ride or Die Faves

It’s been a hot minute since I posted about Charlotte Tilbury as a brand or any of her products, but it’s a brand that  lusted after for so freaking long before I bought my first lipstick from the brand. From the concession in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge on a day trip down to London with my Mum years ago. I remember that I’d learnt about the brand when she was the celeb make up artist of the moment in the early noughties and the brand had just launched in the UK. 

I’ve always been a lover of bold bright lipsticks so I went for the shade Velvet Underground, which is so pink and bright and out there. Very matching to my personality, some might say and I loved it. And still do. And that was when the love story was born. Back then I was earning less than I do/did now, so those few and far between lipstick purchases were made with love and they remain very much treasured items in my make up bag to this day and still worn and adored as much. 

Since then, we must be talking 2011/2012, my Tilbury collection has grown and I feel like the brand has almost come back to life during lockdown with quite a few beauty influencers featuring and rediscovering cult and old faithful products and it’s reminded me just how much I adore the brand and how proud I am that I have quite the collection of products now. 

Let’s talk lips

I have three of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in my arsenal and one lip gloss, which is a strikingly magnificent colour in itself, it must be said. 

Kim KW – Named after Kardashian loyalty, I loved this shade and hold no bones about being a KUWTK fan. Having watched every single series, I could probably tell you a lot about Kim and this nude is very in keeping with its namesake. I was matched with it years ago but didn’t like it when I applied it myself. But after having a play around with it, this is now a ride or die and perfect for everyday and when worn with a pinky shade too. 

Velvet Underground – As I mentioned above, this pink is everything. It’s so bright, bold and fabulous. I hope this is a shade I’ll be wearing for years to come as I bloody love it. 

Love Bite –  I got this as part of a Christmas present from Darren’s mum and I looove this shade so much. It’s just a classic glossy red lip and so gorgeous. All of the Tilbury lippies are really long wearing and I love the quality. I’m much more of a glossy lip girl than matte, although I am learning maybe matte is more sometimes. 

Red Vixen – This is my first Tilbury lip gloss and similarly to the lipsticks, I love it. The shade really compliments Love Bite and I do like wearing them together – perfect night out look or for a date night. 

Skin products 

I have two skin products from Charlotte Tilbury and whilst I’m yet to properly try the foundation or concealer, despite being matched to one of the foundations, so that’s definitely next on my list from the brand . 

I have one of the beach sticks in the shade, Las Salinas, which is super pinky and I looove this blush stick. It’s a cream formula blusher that I wear on my cheeks, obvs, but it also works on the eyes as well as a pink eye shadow. 

Lastly, I have the Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint Moisturiser, which does what it says on the tin. It’s really good to wear on warmer days, when you don’t want to wear a full coverage, heavy foundation. It doesn’t contain an SPF which is a bit frustrating, but my everyday moisturiser contains an SPF30 so I apply that first and then this over the top when I want a no make-up make-up look. 



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