The Top 10 How-To Lockdown Recipes Brits Have Been Googling

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Hot cross buns, blondies, caramel shortcake, banana bread and more much-loved recipes have been on Britons top-searched for lists during Covid-19

DIY baking is having a moment according to Google Search Data. In the last 30 days, it’s been revealed that Brits have taken to Google to find easy at home how-to guides of their favourite dishes, cakes and bakes to replicate café and bakery bought sweet treats and fast food cheat meals during lockdown.

Since UK lockdown first began on the 23rd March, recipes have been trending in a major way—thanks to the order for brits to stay home and the surge in flour sales, meaning more people have begun baking and getting experimental with their recipe and meal prep.  The search platform also revealed its most in-demand recipe inquiries, with surprisingly, dalgona coffee recipes taking the top spot, beating banana bread, which saw a surge in searches initially.

It’s probably no surprise that sweet treat recipes make up the majority of searches with baking being a strong mood at the moment. 60% of recipes searched since the first day of lockdown six weeks ago are cakes or desserts, including hot cross buns, carrot cake and easy scones.

  1. Dalgona coffee recipe +3,950% searches

  2. Wild garlic recipes +1,900% searches

  3. Easy carrot cake recipe +1,350% searches

  4. Hot cross bun recipe +1,200% searches

  5. Katsu curry Wagamama recipe +1,200% searches

  6. Easy scone recipe +950% searches

  7. Banana muffin recipe +700% searches

  8. Sourdough starter +500% searches

  9. Gooey chocolate brownie recipe +450% searches

  10. Edible cookie dough recipe +190% searches

Lockdown-inspired new food trends on social media

However, it’s also clear to see that social media trends have played a huge part in the popular searches with the #dalgonacoffee trend originating on Instagram, with over 5000+ posts featuring the hashtag.

#sourdoughstarter witnessed a viral buzz over on Twitter with masses of newbie and tried-and-tested bakers making a bid to get hold of flour to make their own sourdough loaf.

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