AD | Weekly Lockdown Life Diaries: 24th April 2020

Here it is, week two of the lockdown life diary but I’m actually now at the end of week five. Which, we’ve all been commenting on, has flown over.

The sunshine returned this week which I’ve learnt definitely brightens my mood. I’m now used to our new-normal and this week has gone so quickly as I’ve kept myself busy. Some days I feel like I’ve not stopped, which is great.

Walking our way to 30k

Last week the social media 5k run/donate/nominate was active and I had a feeling it was coming my way at some point as it felt like it was closing in on me (lol) so I tracked one of mine and Molly’s walks that we’ve been doing every three days or so to see if we were doing 5k. We were and I was nominated, donating to Alder Hey and I then decided to see if we could walk 30k by the end of April. Just ya know, a mini challenge for us to keep is active, and we’ve done 22k so far over four weeks. Let’s see what I clock in with next week!

Lazy days loungewear haul

Please tell me that we’re all living in comfies. Please. Whilst I’ve only had one day spent in pjs during lockdown and that was a weekend, which I don’t think is too bad. Plus, I’m developing a lovely little tan from the glorious weather. You only need five weeks of daily sun and factor 50 and pow, I have a slight tan. Pale girl problems. Anyway, I digress.

The team at Femme Luxe got in touch earlier this week asking if I’d like to try some of their loungewear sets collection which I absolutely did. I was in need of a new hoody for our walks and so I stop stealing Darren’s…

I had a nose on the website and selected a full tracky cos apparently I’ve regressed 20 years, reminiscent of my Kappa days… No but I wanted a comfy pair of joggers to wear instead of pj bottoms and a zip up hoody to throw on when the sun goes in.

I’ve also wanted a maxi cardi for the longest time and when it arrived I was so happy with it. I tried it on with my leggings and vest top and it gave me all the Khloe Kardashian vibes. You feel me?

You can shop each of the items I’ve chosen here –

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