Weekly Lockdown Life Diaries: 17th April 2020

Welcome to a new mini blog series. I’m really wanting to use my time wisely and my biggest personal investment is my blog, so here we go.

Today is Friday and I plan to keep this up weekly and it’s a good way to round off my week. Positivity is my vibe and five weeks into being at home and my first week no longer working, I want to remain productive in ways that feel normal to me.

Daily country walks

We live in a very built-up area and I, in the past, have got frustrated with the lack of green space around us but we do have Hale Village down the round and it is walking distance, so we’ve explored new routes close to us and we’ve managed to find a good route direct from our front door and it’s such a boost to our mood. Especially given the gorgeous weather we’ve been blessed with it’s so nice to get outside, enjoy open green space and let Molly stretch her legs and run! Luckily we haven’t seen anybody on our walks, so we’ve really social distanced properly.

Cooking with love

I looove to cook and being home all bloody day, means I have time to try new recipes and that’s really lovely. I’m currently perfecting my fakeaway Chinese style rice and salt and pepper chips recipe so that’s a god way to spend my evenings.

IGTV & blog content is back

I decided to dip my toe back into IGTV and create video content again this week, starting with my first ever sit down video talking about my favourite recipe books, which was so fun, came very naturally to me and I enjoyed it. So I think that might be my new ‘thing’.

And in terms of blog content, I’m back posting regularly over here and I’m really enjoying writing again.

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