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Buying a car is such a huge expense, which is why you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Eventually, you will reach a point where your car simply cannot carry on anymore and you need to buy a new one. But if you take some simple steps to protect your car, you can keep it going for longer so you have time to save up the money that you need for a new one and avoid financial difficulties. These are some of the best ways to keep your car running for longer. 

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Get A Service Plan 

A lot of people neglect maintenance on their car because of the cost. If you keep taking it to the mechanic over and over again, you will end up spending a lot of money, but if you avoid making necessary repairs, the problems will only get worse and you may end up having to replace the car. That’s why service plans are so great because they allow you to keep the car in good condition without breaking the bank. There are some great     Vauxhall Fixed Price Service Plans, for example, allow you to pay a fixed price spread over a set term (up to 3 years) and all of the repairs will be covered under this one price. It’s a far more cost effective way to pay for your MOT and servicing, so you can always make sure that your car is kept in good condition. 

Drive Sensibly 

The way that you drive has a big impact on the lifespan of your car. If you drive very aggressively, you put a lot of extra strain on the moving parts in the engine, so you are more likely to experience issues. But if you learn how to drive economically, your car will stay in good condition for longer and you will also save money because you use less fuel. 

Check Your Tyres 

If your tyres are not inflated properly, it can put a lot of extra strain on your car. They are the most important safety feature on the car and if you let them deflate, you are putting yourself at risk. You may also damage the rims on the car and put more strain on the engine. It also increases fuel consumption so you are wasting money. That’s why it is important to check your tyres on a regular basis and inflate them properly. If you read your car manual, it will tell you what the correct tyre pressure should be. Bear in mind that the pressure may be different for the front and rear tyres, so make sure that you read the manual in full. If you are unsure, it may be best to get a mechanic to inflate the tyres for you because it can be dangerous if you make a mistake. 

As long as you follow these tips, you can keep your car on the road for longer and avoid the expense of buying a new one. 

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