Jerk Roasted Red Snapper Recipe

It goes without saying that I love cooking and having new found time to try new recipes is working in my favour whilst I work through the dregs of the freezer. A couple of meals I’ve made over the last week that we’ve enjoyed include:

Jerk Roasted Red Snapper

Darrens mum often picks up frozen red snapper from Iceland for us. It’s really easy to cook; I defrost, marinate and then roast in the oven for 40mins. Normally I cook it Thai style in a Thai red curry paste but I decided last week to mix it up and marinate in jerk seasoning on a bed of roasted veg with spicy rice.

I’m also gonna make it again this coming week in jerk but in tacos with a hopefully mango salsa – if I can find mangoes in the supermarket!


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