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A few weeks ago, before Covid-19 took hold around the globe and our everyday lives changed for the foreseeable, I had an idea for a new blog series – Q&A: Inspirational Women Online. 

About a week ago when we all had a lot of questions and uncertainty around our jobs, home life and the everyday, it felt insensitive, but I’ve found myself digesting more ‘BAU’ content to remain normality and keep my mind active. So, a little later than planned, I hope this provides someone with a bit of escapism and here’s the first edition!

Katie is the face otherwise known as The Silver Mermaid. Blogger, vlogger and instagrammer, Katie has been creating content on her channels for years and took the plunge into full-time content creation last year and it’s safe to say she’s smashing it! I wanted to learn a bit more about Katie and her what motivates her in this crazy industry!

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How has your platform evolved since you begun creating content?

“I feel like my blog/platform has evolved more over the last year since having my own home and being able to create more lifestyle content, as well as focusing on hair/beauty and sharing the progress of our home which my audience love!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started to create content and share your life online?

With this job I am constantly learning and before I didn’t know that I could pitch to brands or have the confidence too and now I do. I think also the admin/chasing late payments side of this job too. There’s been a lot of times where I should have sent late invoices, but I didn’t want to damage the relationship with the brand.

What’s the best thing about having an online presence, from your perspective? 

The opportunities that come with it are totally endless. I also adore inspiring my audience with my content.

Instagram can be very love/hate, thanks to the algorithm. What’s your take on it?

I try not to let the Instagram algorithm get me down as I am focused on creating and posting content that I love and inspires me. Try not to get too wrapped up in numbers as its not healthy.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

For me the opportunity to travel. I worked with Norwegian airlines advertising their flights to New York and I was able to take Russ with me and it was his first time to New York. We love making memories together and to do that as part of my job was just incredible. So so grateful!

Which other ‘inspirational women online’ motivate you?

I love Lydia Millen and Victoria from InTheFrow. Very inspirational ladies!

And finally, best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Be focused on your own content and not to get distracted by other peoples. Just do you!

Huge thank you to Katie for taking part and being so open – that quality is needed when navigating a life online! Let me know if you’d like to participate or have any recommendations!


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