2020: The Era of the Side Hustle and Why I’m Investing My Time

2020 is the era of the side hustle. The secondary venture outside of your 9-5. For some, it’s too much. I completely get the need for downtime. Time spent on the sofa watching Drag Race or catching up friends and family is also needed in frequent and regular bursts to prevent burnout, but I’m all for utilising an existing platform you may already have to your benefit.

Utilise your blog to your advantage

If you’re a blogger and you regularly create content for your site, chances are you’re either already maximising your content and your domain to your advantage, or it’s high time you did. Think of all the hours you’ve put into your blog at this point – writing, editing, taking photos, attending events and then the creation afterwards. It adds up.

That’s not even thinking about the monetary element of your blog. The cost of hosting and blog design don’t come free, so make it work for you by regularly checking Twitter for #bloggerswanted opportunities, both in your local area and with brands – whatever your niche.

Invest your time in quality content

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand how to use Google Analytics to your advantage. Keep an eye on your key word rankings and search terms – which posts are driving readers to your blog? Which posts bring new readers to your site – month-on-month, year-on-year?

Create content, that not only you enjoy writing, but your readers identify with. I’m also such an advocate for taking your blog with you through your life cycle. I started this blog aged 22, having graduated university and living at home, job-hunting.

I write it today, nearly 32, engaged living in my own home and with eight years of marketing experience under my belt, understanding the industry a lot more now that I did 10 years ago. My personal growth has provided me with experience to write about renting property, buying a home, (attempting) to plan a wedding and changes in my career.

Share your experiences – it only makes your content appear more ‘real’ and genuine. Trust is everything.

I’m excited to see what 2020 holds. If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your UK blogger outreach offering, get in touch. Or, if you’re a blogger or content creator seeking guidance on how best to approach brands or utilise your platform, let’s chat!

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