The 2019 Outfit Edit

There’s lots of opinions on the internet surrounding bloggers/influencers and those who share their outfits regularly on Instagram and various other social media platforms. Some get it, many of us enjoy and there’s the haters.

I love getting inspired by fellow content creators and likewise, sharing my outfits as often as I can. I decided early on in 2019 that it’s something I wanted to do more of. A. To normalise all different kinds of body types and B. To share my lovely array of colourful clothing the the world. I love playing with fashion, trying new styles and putting outfits together.

And this post is for me to look back on the outfits I’ve worn and to celebrate my Crayola vibes that have graced my back over the last 12 months!

I’m sure it’s evident that I like colour and in a time when whole countries are essentially on fire, having outfits to look back on via my Instagram feed means I can shop my wardrobe and hopefully keep new purchases to a minimum = in turn, doing more for our planet.

I’ve said it before that since I entered my 30s nearly two years ago, I truly feel I’ve come into my own and feel truly like me. I love my outlandish use of colour, prints, texture, faux fur.

And it’s nice to look back and like what I see. No need to be smaller, nipped, tucked.

To another year of fun, photoshoot with the girls. To more colourful outfits. To more fun and loving what a wear.

2020 – I’m ready for you.


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