Home Updates: 2020 Goals

Hello 2020. Not only have we entered a new year, but a new decade as well. I’m been feeling so positive about the new year. 2019 was a funny one – lots of highs and lows but we really got our arses in gear in terms of doing stuff to the house.

I went down the rabbit hole over the Christmas period on Pinterest and Instagram getting all of the interiors inspo and I’m loving stalking the hashtag #styleitdark black interiors are my jam – which is so odd for me cos I don’t think I more than two items of black clothing and my fashion vibe is very rainbow but in my home, I want it all black.

During crimbo limbo we went to IKEA, which resulted in minimal rows with my fiance and five hours and a lot of money spent later, we emerged with a tonne of black flat pack furniture.

We live in a townhouse and I’m definitely wife material cos Darren has the entire top floor as his man cave so we have loads of new furniture to get that kitted out and we’ve now nearly completed the lounge.

Lounge Before and After

This is so much better and provides much needed storage for Darren’s Xbox games and DVDs as new builds lack any storage whatsoever. We just need to fit drawers along the bottom and we’ll upcycle the handles with new ones from Homesense. Our vibe is modern, chic homeware. We may have IKEA furniture but making little changes hopefully makes it appear less budget and more bouji. She says. Optimistically.

We’ve also got some new prints to hang above and I can faff around with the shelves. H&M Home, imma comin’.

We haven’t painted yet at all as we’re still in warranty with our builders till April and want to get them back in before it runs out to fix any last bits of shrinkage. If you do have a new build I would recommend fighting the urge to decorate straight away and really utilise that warranty period. We’ve had shrinkage sorted twice so far in the last 20 months since we completed on the house and plan to get one last lot sorted and then we can start to decorate in the summer. It just means the house is in the best possible condition and means any future shrinkage will be minimal and the payoff will be beautifully decorated walls!

2020 Plans

We’re yet to tile the kitchen or any of the bathrooms so that’s to come and we haven’t even begun on the garden so that’s a whole project that’s yet to be started.

We still love our home so much. It’s truly our happy place and I’m loving us taking our time. No need to rush, however much it feels like Instagram is full of holes that are decorated so beautifully and done in a jiffy. Nothing worth having comes easy!

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