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If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I’m not one for exercise. I’d much rather eat healthier than slog away in the gym. I did Slimming World 18 months ago for just under a year and lost a stone and a half. The big push was my 30th birthday and seeing a god awful photo of myself, taken at a dodgy angle. I was in the frame of mind and steadily over the course of a year lost weight. Easily and healthy.

But it all went back on. But, I was happy. I am happy. And when you’re content you don’t beat yourself up. I’ve always had a positive attitude towards body image. I do believe in body positivity for all shapes and sizes. We’re not cut from the same mould.

But with that said over the last few months I’ve been in the mindset to get fitter and firm up. I rejoined Slimming World in September on an online 6 week countdown. I lose 9 pounds. Steadily and easily without too much thought.

Around the same time two of my friends, both Liverpool Bloggers were reviewing a series of PT sessions with a local gym. They had good things to say and recommended me. I’ve never had a PT and didn’t really understand how it all worked but decided to give it a go. A to see if I could enjoy exercise and B to step out of my comfort zone. Aka leave the sofa.

Unit 7 is based in Brunswick so it’s super handy if you live or work in town. It’s a five minute walk from the station and all of the PTs are highly trained and it’s a lovely gym. Not intimidating as I first feared and equipped with everything you need. Showers, free towels and all the equipment for personal sessions or those with one of the PTs.

My personal goal for the sessions was/is weight loss. I’ll be 32 in 2020 and starting a family is something we’d like to do so getting a bit healthier is no bad thing.

I was very kindly gifted five sessions with Craig, one of the trainers. If you’re in the market for a PT who’s super friendly, knows everything there is to know about nutrition and wellbeing and how the body works, he’s the PT for you.

The sessions were structured around the education of health, getting my body moving after literal years of nothing and stretches/an MOT of understanding what my body can do and it’s limits.

During the course of the weeks I joined the gym. Putting into practice what I’d learnt with Craig I now go on my lunch hour and get my exercise done in a time when I would have otherwise sat on my large arse. I also kept a god diary for around three weeks of the sessions – this kept me accountable and gave a true insight into those additional extras I was enjoying.

I don’t think a food diary is something I will keep up. I don’t believe food should be viewed as a treat or a reward. It’s to be enjoyed and I believe in a healthy mindset towards what you’re eating. I think its so easy to feel bad about what you eat and that shouldn’t be the case if it’s everything in moderation.

Part of the sessions was to take measurements and before pictures. I struggled with this element as I think those before and after pictures can be quite triggering. I think it’s easy to see someone’s before and think that looks like my body now – should I change? And that’s completely down to the individual. I get that PTs want to showcase their work and if an individual wants to showcase that loss, go for it, celebrate hard work. But I don’t think I would be comfortable posting pics in a sports bra showcasing loss. As I love my body at all sizes.

I didn’t keep up the sessions past the review time frame as the 8am start just felt too late for me starting work at 10am. I’ve found that half 6am gym sessions before work or on my lunch work best for me.

I didn’t lose much weight and that’s ok. I didn’t fully realise that having a PT means that your goal is absolutely there to be achieved. I expected the sessions to be hard and my body to ache, which it absolutely did, but I didn’t want fitness to take over. Forgoing a glass of wine and a Friday night takeaway just to reach a weight loss goal in an alloted time frame is not for me. I’ve already done the hard part of introducing exercise and being the owner of a gym membership.

I’ve learnt that PTs are perfect for those who want to be held accountable. Have someone at the other end of a WhatsApp chat providing encouragement throughout the week and in between sessions.

For me, I’m willing to put in the work. Sweat and go pink in the face, despite wanting to stop. But the PT relationship is left at the door between sessions. I’ve learnt that it can gear in the direction of life coaching, which is not my vibe.

I’m extremely grateful to Unit 7 and Craig for their/his help, guidance and kind offer to show me the ropes and a taste of what having a PT is like. These guys really pride themselves on offering something different and their positive attitudes and wealth of knowledge does just that.
I’d highly recommend getting in touch if you want to beat the post Christmas bulge in January or even get ahead of it and start moving more!

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