AD | Skincare Sundays: Skin Doctors Products Review fo Hormonal Skin

In September I came off the pill after over 10 years of taking it and I’ve had to readjust my body, getting back into a normal menstrual cycle, and balancing my hormones and my skin as a direct correlation.

One brand I’ve been trying out these last few months is Skin Doctors.

– Instant Facelift

– Skin Resurfacing Cream

– Nakin Purifying Toner

I’ve found that my skin hasn’t had too many breakouts, bar the off hormonal spot or three, and tbh I did expect worse. I was gifted all of the products featured in this post and they all came at the right time. I love discovering new skincare brands, and whilst it can be trail and error finding products and brands that work for my skin with minimal negative reactions, I love trying new products.

Nakin Purifying Toner

I love love love this toner. It’s not too harsh on my skin and it feels lovely after I’ve cleansed twice to remove last dregs of old make up.

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift

Whilst dubious about this product and whether it would actually work, I’m enjoying using it. It’s not drastically removed my double chin, or anything like that, but my skin does feel supple and soft. I tend to use it if I’ve got a night out or event coming up when I’m gonna be wearing a full face of heavy make up.

Skin Doctors Skin Resurfacing Cream

This one does tingle abit when first applied and it has a weird smell, my skin feels so hydrated and soft after I’ve applied it. I use it twice a day – as my main moisturiser in the mornings before applying my make up and then again before bed. It doesn’t contain an SPF so it’s not the best choice for no make up days but I would look to buy it for future use.

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