New builds are funny aren’t they. On one hand we’re itching to do the house up and get cracking with painting the walls, but on the other hand I’m kinda glad that snagging means we can’t and we’ve had to wait for the walls and house to settle, cos we’ve had loads of time (over 18 months to be precise) to carefully choose how we want to decorate and consider the furniture we’ve bought, rather than rush and be guilty of doing everything at once. Whilst some rooms in the house are still a massively work in progress, the living room and kitchen/diner are pretty much there. All that’s required next year is a lick of paint, probably a Farrow and Ball Railings dupe from B&Q….

  • Don’t be afraid to re-arrange furniture – We moved sofa three times before we found the perfect layout that feels like home. It took a few rearrangements and many months but now it’s perfect and every item in the room balances another really well.
  • It’s OK to change your mind – We thought we just wanted curtains on our bay window…nope, after six months in the house we knew blinds were an essential and this is still by far the best investment we made. We opted to use a local blinds company who came out for a consultation and showed us the different types of blinds and colours and we kitted out the whole house in faux wood off-white Venetian blinds and we still love them so much. They offer loads of privacy and make the room. Especially cos it means we no longer close the curtains in the lounge and after searching for the ‘perfect’ tiebacks, the bay window is complete.
  • Buying furniture is trial and error – I may have bought an expensive lamp for the lounge and loved it at the time, (see above) but after a year in the lounge, it no longer looked quite right so up to the bedroom it went, where it’s much better suited and enter a new tripod style lamp. Much more homely and completes the room.
  • Choosing lampshades is a nightmare – Similarly to the above, finding the right lampshades took a while and we may have returned a few till we go the right ones. No point in rushing or making do with things that you half like, when in time you will find items that you love!