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Six by Nico is a new restaurant concept that has opened its doors in Liverpool, following two successful launches in Glasgow and Manchester, respectively. As the name suggests, diners are treated to six courses, devised by head chef, Nico. The restaurant serves up utterly delicious a la carte food, following a theme, and the Liverpool eatery has launched with a Northern classic, “The Chippie”. The menu changes every six weeks and after visiting ahead of the launch, I’m very, very excited to return when the menu changes.

As well as trying the six course menu, diners have the option to select the wine pairings menu too, meaning a specially selected white or red wine with each main course on the menu, and then an utterly delicious moscato sweet dessert wine with the final course. We chose to try the two and each course pairing was spot on and we discovered new wines to go away and try – perfect!


The premise is six courses, but actually it’s nearer to seven with an aperitif to whet the whistle and a ‘snack’ course – Brandade Croquettes which transpired as cod bonbons, with brown sauce, taramasalata and sourdough bread. Each mouthful of every course is a treat for the sense – literally. Soft, delicous breaded cod with brown sauce and the taramasalata, acting as a tartar sauce. And that was before we got stuck into the main menu!

The aperitif to begin the foodie journey was aptly named, ‘Seaside 75’. A prosecco cocktail that combined Earl Grey, lemon and a small chippy fork with samphire and sherbert, which was stirred into the drink, creating a fizz and a delicious taste. I went along to try the menu with Darren, him indoors, as we both love our food and we both loved the taste of the aperitif and could have easily drank a second!


Being pescatarian, we followed the main menu, yet switched out two of the courses for veggie dishes. For full transparency, we were served the ‘Steak Pie’ course by accident, so did eat meat, but tbh, that course didn’t wow either of us and we would have preferred the veggie option for this course of the menu.

“The Chippie” menu is as follows –


1st – Chips & Cheese –

This course tasted e x a c t l y like chips and cheese. The parmesan, the curry oil and the soft, tender croquette tasted amazing. Wish we’d saved some of the sourdough to mop up the cheesy sauce.


2nd – Scampi –

We’d never had monkfish before, so this was new to us and something we loved. The fish was quite chunky, making it an almost meaty course, in the sense that the portion size was perfect and teamed with the pea emulsion, you would believe mushy peas were on your plate and the herb butter sauce tasted amazing with each element of the dish.


3rd – Steak Pie –

As I mentioned earlier, this course was a mix-up so we would have preferred the veggie option but the steak pie was very meaty and the raw mushrooms tasted amazing. Again, not something we would usually oft for. For me, the burnt onion ketchup was the star of the show. Paired with a South African red, which was very full-bodied and flavoursome, the wine and the burnt onion ketchup tasted amazing together.


4th – Fish Supper –

My favourite course of the whole menu. Where do we begin, the cod, the mussels, the source, the veggies that the cod was lovingly piled on. So delicious and very in-keeping with the theme. I would whole-heatedly love to order this course as a full-size main meal, knowing every morsel would be demolished.


5th – Veggie Sausage –

The sweet potato and feta sausage was delicious, as was the salt baked celeriac. This was Darren’s favourite course and he’s still raving about it days later. The white wine paired with this dish was also our joint favourite white of the day.


6th – Deep Fried Mars Bar –

Let’s chat desserts. Biting into the caramelised chocolate mousse and the soft orange sorbet, this tasted exactly like a mars bar. Absolute witchcraft! Just wish this course was larger and it could have lasted longer! We’re also huge fans of a moscato sweet wine, so when we spotted the final course was paired with an Italian moscato, we were ready to complete the meal on a high!

You may think that six small courses isn’t hugely filling and you would be leaving the restaurant hungry, but the meal lasted two and a half hours, allowing diners to really enjoy each course, sample the paired wine and just relax and have fun, as that’s entire premise of the Six By Nico restaurants, enjoying and having fun with amazing food. By the time the final course was served we were stuffed and quite drunk after the glasses of wine! Whilst I was invited along to review, I’m honestly so glad we were as it was a fantastic afternoon and genuinely enjoyable and we will be back when the menu changes in six weeks. If you’re in doubt or think it’s not worth the cost, (6 course tasting menu – £29 and Wine Pairing – £26), it truly is!

If you want to book a table at Six by Nico, I would strongly advise you get in early, I predict the latest addition to the Liverpool foodie scene is going to big business!

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