Why The Dinner Table Is The Heart Of Our Home

Darren and I will have lived together for four years next month and it’s true when they say you need to learn to live with someone. As much as you love and respect your partner, everyone has different way of doing things. Whether that’s washing, cleaning (which I’m very ~opinionated~ on) or just everyday routine’s and you need to get into a groove, so to speak.

We’ve rented two houses and now own our own, making that three house moves. And since moving into our own home, one tradition that we’ve instilled and managed to stick to (apart from on carpet picnic nights) is eating at the dinner table. We have a round, glass dinner table which is perfect for our kitchen diner and seats four.

I love cooking and entertaining, so it’s perfect for us to have friends and family over. And it means I get to bring alive the dining table inspo I get from Pinterest!

I love sitting round the table, whether it’s just Darren and I or with guests and having a drink and good food.

Our home is very modern with a black, white and grey decor so our table reflects that. I love having a centre piece and can’t wait for my f e s t i v e decorations to come out of storage and take pride of place over Christmas!

We’re yet to decorate any of the rooms in our home #shrinkageprobs so the dining part of our home is yet to come together fully, but I can’t wait to paint, get some prints on the wall and we’ve just decided we want a wall attached wine rack to house our many bottles of red and prosecco, so I’m excited to begin planning that!

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