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Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, I think deep down, we’re all guilty of being a chocoholic from time to time. I think, for me, because I don’t tend to buy chocolate in my food shop, my cravings kick in when I’m at work and the weather is miserable and I want to snack on something sweet, or when I’m at home, especially at this time of year, and want to be cosy with a bar of milk or dark chocolate. 

So, when an email landed from the lovely team across at Thorntons inviting me along to the newly launched store in Liverpool ONE, as part of their ‘Pass The Love On‘ campaign and to showcase the revamped store, perfect for the lead-up to Christmas. Because it’s half-term and I tend to take annual leave from work when Darren’s off, it meant he was available to come along with me and live our best lives aka sampling all of the chocolate. 

Before, I get into the post and sharing all the goodness – give this link a click and download six vouchers to use in the Liverpool ONE Thorntons store and get shopping! So, let’s get into it…

The location for the store is p e r f e c t for Christmas – smack bang in the middle of Liverpool ONE, opposite the LEGO store (which Darren insisted we just had to visit beforehand). Not sure what to expect, we literally felt like celebs upon entering the store and the event. With a camera crew, all staff and the literal mayor of Liverpool, no less, in attendance, we were shown around each aspect of the store, step by step, in the same way that chocolate obsessed customers would!

First up was a visit to The Craftery. A fab little idea if you’re in the mood for personalising gifts and making your chocolate choices extra special for loved ones. You can build your own box of chocolates, compiled of individual chocolates hand-picked by yourself. It was at this point that Darren and I were in our element! We both selected chocolates that we like – we have very different tastes. I prefer milk and dark chocolates, and have a distinct dislike for white chocolate ( don’t @ me) whilst Darren prefers nutty and caramel chocolates. 

You can choose up to nine chocolates per box and I can’t lie, we had the best time choosing which ones to add to our box! It’s such a lovely idea and we were discussing who we could treat for Christmas and who would love to receive a personalised selection…not gonna lie, I hope that Darren took in all my hints on the evening and I wake up to Thorntons goodies on Christmas Day!

Tbh, prior to the event I’d only had the personalised chocolate from Thorntons as Darren used to get me a personalised Easter Egg from Thorntons way back when we were dating and I loved it! So, when the team offered us an advent calendar each with our names on, A. we both felt like big kids cos how good is it having your name on things?! and B. it was a lovely gift from the event and I’ve put them away till December so we can get excited all over again when the festive season approaches!

Moving around the revamped store, next up was the Chocolate Library! This is such a good idea – you can choose mini individual bars of chocolate and have them gift wrapped to create a library of your favourite types of choc to enjoy! The merchandising of the store has been done beautifully and so well thought out – this section just had the wow factor and we were both in our element selecting bars we would like to try! We also picked up a couple of gifts to pop away for family, as again, we just had members of our family in mind as we moved around the store – perfect stocking fillers!

Finally, well not finally as this store is the gift that keeps on giving, but the revamped store has a beautiful cafe located at the back of the store, where you can pop along for a bite to eat. The menu had loads of hot chocolate options – we both highly recommend the salted caramel hot chocolate, it was divine, as well as bites to eat and everyone’s fave – afternoon tea!

Who doesn’t love afternoon tea?! Beautifully presented on a rose gold cake stand, the afternoon tea is such fab value for money at just £12.50 pp (I know! *said in Monica style) and it ticks all the boxes –

The store also offers a gift wrap service, because of course they do! It wouldn’t be quite right to purchase beautiful gifts and then not have them gift wrapped! The lovely ladies on the gift wrap section of the store were actual real-life Christmas angels, cos their wrapping skills are next level! They genuinely love wrapping and the gift wrap items are done so thoughtfully and they’re so excited for Christmas – again, in the spirit of the campaign and the launch of the store, I was so swept up in the idea of ‘Passing The Love On’ – such a feel-good store and the little touches to the launch made all the difference!

We were very kindly invited along and it was so lovely to see how much thought and effort goes into the Thorntons brand and individual touches especially for Liverpool customers! 

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