How Should You Feel When You’re In Your 30s?

When I was a kid I always thought by the time I was in my 30s I would be a proper grown-up. Whatever that means? But, no seriously, what does that mean?

I’m engaged, a home owner, have a degree, a dog, work full-time. But, I also love a night out, to lay in bed, to drink too much prosecco, dress in outrageous colours and pay no attention to trends and wear whatever the frig I want. Dye my hair far too often and change hair colour almost as frequently as I do my knickers. Balance?


My mum is in her 60s and she’s never in. Not even messing. Darren and I have to schedule weeks, sometimes months in advance to see her cos she’s always out. I don’t want to be the type of person with no hobbies so I love this strange blogger life that I’ve built by oversharing for the last nine years and it’s given me the greatest support network of girls and gays, I gal could ever wish for.

Should we start dressing more, dunno, demure and calm down on the bold lipsticks? Just to clarify, I absolutely will not. I keep (kind of) winding Darren up saying I want to shave my head and be all about lipstick and earrings, which tbh, I really want to. Maybes in another 10 years when I’m 40. But, as we get older, it’s so different to what we stated would be fact at 14 years old and thank for the lord for that.

Bodysuits, co-ords, corset tops, whatever the trend or item, I love fashion and choosing outfits. Print, pattern, colour, texture – it’s just fun to p[lay around with my outfit and I just don’t have time for dull or plain outfits. My style changes from month to month, but I’ve really been loving being either super casual lately with oversize jumpers and jackets or super smart and dressy in wide leg trousers and cute tops. That’s when I feel most like me – whatever age bracket I fall into.

Yes, I have my happy ever after and I adore our home, which we’re still so lucky and grateful to have after renting for so long. Maybe actually, thinking about it as I type, this is exactly what life should look like in my 30s. Long may it continue!



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