How I’ve Styled My Coffee Table

When we moved into home in April 2018 I was so keen to make our house truly feel like ours now we’re no longer renting and the main room is the lounge. Our vibe is cosy, warm, yet modern. And the main crux of that is our coffee table.

I bought it from John Lewis back in the January sales in 2017. It was the only one left and I knew it was perfect for us and inkeeping with our style. That was back when we rented our first home, which we couldn’t decorate and so investing in furniture that we love and could grow with us was key.

I really wanted a black coffee table as I really dislike brown wood and after being in rented, there’s no brown wood in our home, it’s either white or black. So when I spotted our coffee table – black, metal and industrial vibes I knew it was perfect for us.

So what make our coffee table unique and homely?

Coffee table books. I have a stack of books that alternate between living on our coffee table and on our shelves in the lounge. They add interest, match our colour scheme and I actually read them!

Glass grey bowl. I saw this grey bowl in Next Home not long after we moved into our home and it was a request from Darren as a place to house his keys and work lanyard but it also looks lovely with a candle in the centre.

Candles. All of my current candles are from Aldi and are black or grey. But I am planning a trip to TK Maxx soon to invest in a few new ones to place around the living room in the lead up to Christmas!

Mats and coasters. We have two round back rattan mats on the coffee table and then black slate coaters. The round mats are from The Range and the coaters are from Dunelm.

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