Why I’m Prioritising Me Time

As I get older, I’m finding me time, is such a priority and something I try to factor to in each week. Me time doesn’t always look the same – sometimes, it’s getting my hair or nails done (two things I deem a priority tbqh), lying on the sofa watching YouTube on the telly and living vicariously through YouTubers with designer wardrobes and house goals homes or even a dog walk – just me and Molly, no headphones, no screens, just chill.


Other times, it’s girl time. Normally this is in the form of attending blog events, getting dressed up, spending a bit of extra time on my make up and enjoying a glass of prosecco (of three). In particular, the most recent was the Muse Beauty App launch party.



I’ve had conversations with my fiance who sometimes thinks I go out too much – which is sometimes once or twice a week. Not excessive, but can feel like I’m out a lot when we’re passing ships as he’s a teacher and is either at school or in bed, knackered from the day. But I counteract that comment, as he is a gamer and that’s how we relaxes/unwinds. For me, the importance of seeing my mates and letting my hair down is my equivalent.

But I think having some form of down-time from the everyday, which is often taking up by work for 8 hours a day and then running a home, is so important. I’m very keen not to get so busy being busy with the endless lists of ‘stuff’ that we’ve got to do in a 24 hour window, that we forget how to relax and chill.

It’s probably easier said that done for me, as I don’t have a traditional family yet, in the form of babies and kids, and I have great respect for mates of mine who are mums, balancing it all and keep their head above water.

The world of social media and comparison means it can sometimes feel like everybody has a ‘side hustle’ which to some extend, this blog is, as it’s kept ticking over for 9 years and I’ve had some very, very lovely opportunities arise from it, however, it’s also just lovely to sit on the sofa after a day at work and get stuck into Drag Race. We don’t always have to be ‘on’ and feeling the need to earn extra money or do extra stuff, if you’re happy, healthy and comfortable financially as you are.

The older I get, the more years that tick by since I left university and work full-time, the more I appreciate the importance of relaxing and downtime. We’re guilty of running ourselves into the ground, trying to ‘do it all’, but sometimes it’s far nicer to sit in pjs, cosy at home knowing there’s nowhere you would rather, or have, to be.

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  1. DW says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I completely agree. It’s just so easy to get caught up in this culture of side hustles and spending your free-time “building your empire.” Really enjoyed and related to this post, gal 💖

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