Autumn Skincare Switch

*This post contains gifted products

The new season brings with it a change in temperature, colder mornings on the commute to work and finally the perfect reason to wear all the knitwear. For me, it also brings a switch up to my skincare routine.

I’d love to say I’m one of the girls who wears barely there make up all through summer, (except for the weekends when I’m in Asda in my activewear, obvs) but I do love doing my make up and painting my fave on. But autumn brings the excuses for heavier foundations, dark lips and the vampy look I love to wear, so I need to invest a bit more in my skin and make sure it’s protected.

Five products I’ve been trying and testing and really loved, so much so, I’ll invest again when they run out, are;

1. Pixi Vitamin Make Up Mist

This has featured a few times on my blog and I think I got it about a year ago so its already done autumn/winter once so far. I love to spritz it on my skin once I’ve washed my face so waken up my skin before applying moisturiser and then again use it as a setting spray after I’ve done my make up. It smells lovely and feels light on the skin.

2. Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk*

This cleanser is new to my life and after using it for about two weeks you can see there’s still loads left in the bottle. It’s very light and doesn’t feel too thick at all. I apply all over my face either in the morning or after using micella water to remove my make up, give it a minute or two and then wash off. It does need to be massaged in but gets rid of stubborn mascara and old make up which I’m v happy with.

3. Nspa Anti Pollution Daily Defence Day Cream SPF30

Earlier in the summer I ran out of my old moisturiser, an Aldi own spesh and we were in Asda and I wanted to pick up a new one. I apply moisturiser every day without fail and one with an SPF is vital for me as I’m so pale and like to look after my skin. Obvs with this post. This was on offer and I really like it. Feels lovely and I feel like my skin has that barrier of protection which I love.

4. Dr Botanicals Po Sleeping Mask

I got this in a gossybox a while back I’ve been applying this before bed every night for a few weeks now. It’s only a small sample bottle but a little goes a long way and I feel like my skin is having some extra help and TLC while I sleep which I love. Will defo buy again.

5. Nakin Revitalise Face Oil

This I also rate really highly. After the cleanser and before Po, I apply a couple of drops of this stuff. It smells so good and feels lovely. I forgot about facial oils for a while but I will be using this a lot over the coming months to keep my skin feeling good as the weather begins to turn.

I’ve really been enjoying my skincare routine again and it’s nice to try new products and switch it up. If you have recommendations, hit me up!

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