The 5 Best Burgers I’ve Scoffed in 2019

I love burgers. They’re my guilty pleasure. We’ve followed a pescatarian diet since October 2018, eating solely veggie/pesc at home and then having meat when we eat out – the perfect flexatarian balance. And for me, my go-to on a restaurant menu is a burger. So, whilst I’m sat fantasysing about a mammoth burger I ate last night at Honest Burgers, recently launched on Bold Street, I thought I’d share my top 5 that I’ve stuffed in my gob this year…

1. Honest Burgers – The Liverpool Burger. Meat, halloumi, hafla hafla salt and pepper, siracha mayo and spring onion. Fit. I loved every mouthful of this and need it in my life again, stat.

2. Halloumi Burger – discovered at Bouji Burger at Stack Food Market in Newcastle. The perfect balance of juicy stacked halloumi and a soft bun with salad. If you’re in the vicinity, get it eaten.

3. The Manor Burger at The Old Stables – Another beef burger in an obligatory brioche bun with salad and burger sauce. V satisfying.

4. Neighbourhood #NotGoingHome Sliders. A controversial contribution but here we are, sliders. Enjoyed alongside copious glasses of prosecco and I tell you what, as you guzzle glass after glass of bottomless prosecco, nothing tastes better than two mini beef burger sliders.

5. Brewdog Beyond Meat Burger. The only completely vegan addition to our round up. Beetroot brioche, Beyond Meat soya protein budget patty, vegan chipotle slaw and vegan Gouda cheese. It hit the spot and then some.

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