The slow transition of our new build garden

I’ve blogged a couple of posts now about our home and the #journey it is transforming a plain, empty new build into a home. I’ve huge admiration for those who do it all within a year and completely transform the look and feel of their home. Sadly, that ain’t us. Slow and steady wins the race.

The garden is an area of our home that we haven’t done much with. We had new turf lay last summer as the first lot that came with the house died. After a year of love and lots of watering, it’s looking loads better. But bar getting garden furniture when we first moved in, we haven’t done much at all.

We have grand plans for decking, extending the patio and buying more furniture. So convincing Darren that an outdoor rug is a good idea and begining to paint the fences is us making small steps towards having the garden of our dreams.

Every time we get a sunny weekend I love to sit outside with Molly and chill. A few weeks ago Pago juices got in touch and asked if we’d like to try one of their new flavours. We chose the cloudy cherry flavour and it’s so good. Sweet, kinda sour but very moreish.

They remind me of the fruit you get on holiday – super juicy and so much better than our supermarket offering.

I doubt we’re going away this year so sitting here with a bowl of cereal, a fresh juice, a good book and a Frenchie at my feet will do me.

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