The Positive Reality of Body Confidence in my 30s

Since entering my 30s I’ve felt a shift in how I present and perceive myself. I no longer care of my dress could be too short, if my hair doesn’t fit the norm. I’ve become unapologetically me.

I love myself. Not in a vain way. In a way that we all should. Appreciate the lumps, the bumps, your best bits and overlook your flaws. Noone else notices them.

10 years ago I turned 21 and when I look back at those photos, I don’t look my best. When apparently I should have. I think I look far better now at 31. It’s true what they say, we get better with age.

I prefer my hair now. I understand my body. I appreciate my shape. I’ve always worn what the frig I want, but now I understand my style more.

Without sounding wanky, life is a learning curve. This very blog has been with me for nine years and documented a hell of a lot and I’m looking forward to see how I dress and carry myself in another decades time.

As you get older, you care less. Not about people or how you spend your time, that’s more precious than ever, but about the opinions of others. Social media has a lot to answer for, but use it positively and you’ll feel alot better for it.

31 and fabulous. I knew those Sex and the City girls knew what they were talking about.

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