Life Lately/ Body Confidence Crisis & Bottomless Prosecco

Every now and again you need to let your hair down, drink a boat load of prosecco and literally do it for the gram and last week I did just that.

Along with Scarlet Wonderland and My Foodie Journey, we clearly got the memo about midi dresses with sleeves…(we all know we love a sleeve) and popped along to Neighbourhood on Castle Street for the ‘Not Going Home’ bottomless drinks deal.

After a mammoth try on of everything in my wardrobe and consulting the fiance, I decided to just wear the goddam dress.

Yep I felt a bit self conscious at first but soon got over it and looking back I’m so glad I did. I think I’m still in that SW mindset of knowing I’m no longer ‘at target’ but WTF does that actually mean?

I felt good, yes, I could probably lay off the doughnuts a bit but does it matter? No.

So that’s the story of Bottomless drinks and letting go your own warped perceptions of what you think you should and shouldn’t wear.

Life’s too short…. Drink the prosecco and stop worrying!

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