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Mitch’s Kitchen is a new brand, specialising in creating vegan and gluten-free easy-to-cook meals, delivered straight to your door. Sounds great, right? We’re all looking for ways to eat better and keep up with the Insta-army who turn their nose up at the sight of a burger with cheese and extra-large fries, in favour of a meal based solely on veggies. But who wants to eat that?

Mitch’s Kitchen has got the balance of health and heartiness bang on. When an email landed asking if I’d like to trial six meals, after taking a look at their Instagram and learning more about the brand and their values, I was sold! Home cooked meals from their kitchen based in Hampshire, the meals and packaged and shipped frozen so they can go straight into your freezer and defrosted as and when you need a bit of goodness and a meal made quickly.

Packaged in eco-friendly cardboard labels, each one colour coded per dish, plastic is kept to a minimum, portions are a great size and all in all, I was excited to get stuck in!

I was sent the following meals to try –

Each meal costs £6.75, so they’re slightly pricier than your average ready-meal, however taking the dietary considerations into account, it’s not too bad. Every meal is a great portion-size and proves that vegan meals that be tasty, full of flavour and most importantly, filling.

I tried the meals for my lunch at work. Each meal advises it takes up to 10 minutes to microwave, but I found they were thoroughly cooked and hot all the way through in around 5-6 minutes.

I was full and satisfied after each meal and enjoyed the variety of flavours I had each day. My favourites were the Sunkissed Pasta, Moroccan Tagine and Gardener’s Pie.

I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a fast way to eat well, without spending too much time in the kitchen.


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