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One of the reasons I still blog is because I love the community. I love attending events, chatting with other bloggers and content creators, wondering who you’ll see at events and the joy of working with brands.

It’s fun and if you’re not having fun, I’d advise a new hobby. But one of the events I got to attend recently was at the Rush hair salon in Liverpool.

City centre based and with a lovely decor and even nicer PR team, it was a great weekday event finding out more about the brand and having the opportunity to get our hair done.

I went along with Laura from My Foodie Journey and we got chatting to a couple of different girls who blog and caught up with the PR team.

I opted to get my hair wanded as it’s still quite short and if it’s curled it looks like a mushroom and that’s not the vibe I was going for.

I had it wanded with a slight wave and I honest loved it. I was chatting away with my stylist on the night and I would defo consider returning to either get my hair blown or go the full hog and get my colour done. I need to stop box dying it myself at some point….

If you are looking for a new salon to try in the city centre, I would recommend giving Rush a call. Thank you to the team for the fab complementary evening!

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