Why I’m Glad I’ve Left My Twenties Behind – The 30-something Perspective

I’ve just finished reading Dolly Alderton’s book ‘Everything I Know About Love’ and I bloody loved it.Since I turned 30 I honestly feel so much more in tune with myself. I know how wanky that can sound, but it’s true. Reading Dolly’s book, so much of your twenties is spent worrying about your relationship status, your weight and a whole load of other shite that realistically doesn’t matter all that much.So what am I glad I’ve left behind?

We all know I’ve done slimming world and got the t-shirt to prove it. And the target weigh certificate on my fridge. Yes I want to feel good but I also wanna eat a pizza on a Friday night. With a side of cheesy chips and garlic bread. B A L A N C E.

Darren always says that a look like a pack of Crayola threw up on me. I take it as a compliment. I frigging love colour. I love experimenting with my outfits and while I maybe should have a word with myself as I’m nearly 31, I’m having fun and hurting noone so the loud outfits are staying. Soz darling fiance of mine.

Attending blog events is a lovely part of having a blog. Meeting new people and having a chat is fab and I’ll gladly chat away to anyone and everyone. I’ve never been a shy person but I’m proud to take initiative to get my point across, whether that’s at work or in a social situation.Last week I attended the Junkyard Golf launch in Liverpool and a Rush hair event. Both were fab and it resonates further why I’m still writing this blog.Spending time with other bloggers who are now friends is fab and I’m proud that I have a fab group of kweens around me.

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  1. snowbird says:

    You go girl! Loved this post.

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