The internet is awash with women, girls, the female sex discussing their dress size. Petite, straight size, mid-size, plus size; there are so many different terms nowadays to refer to your body type. From the Trinny and Susannah days of being associated to a fruit to now falling into a category, it’s non-stop.

Back when I used to buy Heat magazine religiously, the images of the Kerry Katona’s TOWIE girls and anyone else in the public eye were displayed in your local Tesco every week with a different statement – too fat, too think, “normal women”.

Let’s celebrate the New Normal

Normal is whatever you want it to be. Whatever size jeans you wear. Whatever size shoe you wear, even your bra. Bench-marking how you look and your own figure, in comparison to someone who has a completely different body shape to you is literally ridiculous.

After spending 18 months of my life on Slimming World, standing on scales every Tuesday, I’m taking a healthy approach. Yes, I do watch my weight. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Eating well and moving more is always a good idea. To keep us and our hearts happier. I’m not advocating the #lazybitch lifestyle, even though I do love a good sit down.

I’m just saying, let’s stop fretting about the digits sewn into our clothing labels. We all know every clothes shop is fucked when it comes to sizing. I went to Primark a couple of weeks ago and honest to god, nearly had a melt-down. Size 12 jeans, they didn’t fit over my knees. Size 14 jeans, didn’t fit over my thighs. Size 16 jeans (aka the size I wear and own from Primark already) didn’t fit over my stomach.

I didn’t try the 18s – not because I don’t want to wear an 18. Cos, it’s ludicrous how many different dress sizes we are, wherever you end up on the high street. Yeah, that number doesn’t matter cos as long as my ass and hips look good and my jeans flatter but also fit comfortably, I’m golden.

I definitely fit into the mid-size category and regularly use the hashtags #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #size14fashion. I am that kind of woman. And I want other women to know it’s ok to wear any label that fits.

Actually, that’s the bloody nail on the head, isn’t it? We need to wear what fits. Rather that trying to diet, squeeze or HIIT your way into a size 10. Just wear the size that you can do up, sit down in and feel comfortable in.

I loved this outfit I wore to the Black Barrel launch night on Castle Street. Size 16 stonewash denim, a green faux fur jacket and digital crop t-shirt from Femme Luxe Refinery. Can you find a more ‘Me’ outfit? I think not…

Yup, another outfit that I adore and decided to try and see if I could make it ‘me’… I’ve spotted cropped hoodies in loads of shops and never known how to make it work, bit I looove the trend currently of smart style trousers, hoodies, blazers and chunky trainers, So I tried it and I think it works, personally!

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 Set – Femme Luxe Refinery

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