Burgers are a cheeky food go-to. Loaded with oozing melted cheese, your sauce of choice and salad bits, all bound together inside a soft bun, it’s a must, right?

Well since we went pescatarian back in October we’ve tried and tested a few of the top veggie brands, including Linda McCartney, Quorn and No Bull and out of all the different burgers, No Bull have smashed it out the park! 

A delicious tofu burger that goes well with a healthy dose of naughtiness, here’s how I takeaway a burger at home! 

Ultimate Veggie Burger of Dreams

So what you need to make the ultimate burger is your No Bull burgers, Morrisons Beetroot brioche buns, your cheese slices of choice, dairy or vegan, your sauce of choice, I opt for Crucials yoghurt and mint whilst Darren had Crucials chilli and garlic and then the classic – lettuce and tomato.

Taste – it has a very similar texture to meat but a yummy almost nutty flavour so we’d rate it a strong 9/10

Easiness to cook – I put two in the over for 20 mins and turned after 10. No grease, no unpleasant smell 10/10

Would we buy again? Hell. Yes. They’re on offer till literally this Monday so get down to Iceland and stock up, stat.

Load up once the burger has cooked and enjoy! Who else is onto no bull? Any other veggie brands we need to check out?