Wedding Planning Diaries; Viewing our first venue

Darren proposed on Sunday 29th April 2018. We’ve avoided even thinking about or doing any kind of planning for us actually getting married until Saturday 23rd February 2019.

I’ve never thought about the ins and outs of my wedding day. Like I have a few ideas of what I want, but honestly we’ve attended so many of our friends weddings I have more clue of what I don’t want, that what I do.

I can’t be arsed with a huge faff. I want it fuss-free, non-religious, just legal, fun and easy.

Surely that’s do-able? Right…..


Finding the venue

In a bid to tackle this process logically, first up is find a venue.

We have a budget that we want to stick to. I’m hoping to do it all-in for five grand. I really, really don’t want to spend loads of money on a day. I get we’ll never do it again, but it’s just a massive party. And we’re paying, so remaining in budget is a must.

We’ve got a shortlist of venues and last week I went along to see one with both my Mum and Darren’s Mum. Hinterlands in Cains Brewery Village. They had a wedding open day so I got to see lots of cake suppliers, photographers, drinks suppliers and the venue set up, utilsing the space and table decorations.

Some I like, some I didn’t. The venue was fab but would tip the budget so, we’re noting everything down in my wedding planner and keeping our options open.

We’re working to the rough guide of having the wedding day in 2021, either May, July or October. I’m happy to have a Friday wedding so it’s cheaper and we’ve finalised the guest list so we know how many we’re catering for.

For now, the search continues…..

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