Redefining What Brings Me Joy (Marie Kondo’ing My Life)

The internet and Insta are awash with influencers and guru’s on a one-woman mission to help us clean, reorganise and get our metaphorical shit together.

On one hand, I’m here for it. Whilst I didn’t feel the necessity to refold every pair of knickers and odd socks that I own after watching Marie Kondo, I like the premise. If you don’t bring me joy, you outta here.

Whilst I’m not one from doing stuff that I don’t enjoy, it’s good to take stock and revaluate. Like, I don’t go to the gym cos I like sitting down and realistically, my body aint gonna change that much and I quite like me and my squishy bits.

I also like being at home. Lord knows we paid enough for it. And it’s where my dog is and always, dogs over people.

But, the little stuff too.

I like make-up. I love wacking a full face on. I like getting dressed up for work, despite working in a v casj office. So, I pledge to continue wearing a strong lip, highlight and base on the daily. To make my pledge, I just had to go and buy new make-up didn’t i? It’s for the cause.

This is my first time trying Revolution foundation and I’m here for it. It’s full coverage, less than a tenner and there where loads of different shades to choose from, when I stood in Superdrug attempting to self-match myself I was impressed by the inclusivity.

It has a nice applicator and blends really well. A new fave. I also stocked up on Maybelline Fit Me concealer. An old classic and a Superdrug own serum. In a bid to prevent myself from ageing disgracefully and have a flawless face with a haggered turkey neck, I’m going in on the skincare. More so than usual, cos I can feel my 31st year on earth creeping up slowly….

Next up, is being a #luxurybitch. One day, hopefully, I like to think we’ll have kids. Or kid. I’d like just the one. Get fat and be pregnant once and all that.

So until then, I’m indulging in me.

We work five days a week so it’s nice to treat yo’self. So my second pledge that brings me joy, is doing more Ruth stuff.

Ruth stuff is afternoon teas, going out for meals, spending date nights with the fiancé drinking gin and tonic. Walking my beloved Molly dogs, donned in my new walking boots, which FYI I love and defo signal I’m ageing!

All of the above brings me joy and living a happy life sounds like a fabulous priority to me!

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4 responses to “Redefining What Brings Me Joy (Marie Kondo’ing My Life)”

  1. As a mum of two, I say go forth and indulge. In fact eat my share of cake and tea that has always either gone cold or been nabbed by an ankle biter before I can get to it. Kids can wait, eat cake!!!!!

  2. MissPond says:

    Sounds wonderful! We’ve been making the most of indulging ourselves before we (maybe) have kids.

  3. bluefitz17 says:

    I’m 58 and luckily retired. I truly believe in indulging yourself! Trust me time passes in the blink of an eye. Enjoy lovely.

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