Mid Size Dressing From Fast Fashion Retailers

Despite how much weight I lose, or how well I try and eat and remember balance is key, I think my body and shape is most comfortable at a size 12-14. I’ve got a big ass, sizeable hips and a decent handful up top, so squeezing ma lady lumps into clothes can be quite a task sometimes. I’m not one for comparing my shape to fruit, cos that feels very Trinny and Susannah 2002 but let’s just say, my body goes in and out, but sometimes in places you wouldn’t expect….

So, when it comes to shopping for new clothes, I play it safe and stick to shops that I know and trust the sizing. We all know of at least one woman who’s been scorned by trying to squeeze into a bodycon at least one dress size smaller in a bid to keep up the ‘gram girls and look banging – even though it doesn’t do up properly and didn’t have quite the desired effect….

I’ve spoken about this quite a lot on my blog but I don’t want to be seen as a woman in my 30s…. now I’m a woman in my 30’s. Confused? Let me explain.

I love trends, I love fashion, I love colour. I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and having fun with my outfits. But whenever I visit Missguided, Boohoo or PLT, I’m met with crop tops, thigh high boots and body con every thaaaang.

Just no.

So, my predicament is; I wanna keep up with ‘the trends’ (Nana called and wants her vocab back) and serve up some sassy Khloe K vibes, but in a way that A. looks good and B. flatters my weird shape without looking too much and try-hard. Nobody needs that in their life.

So many brands now are a lot more inclusive; creating plus-size collections, moving the boundaries with straight-sizes and expanding the sizes they stock up to.

I also feel like I’ve got stuck in a rut lately. We’ve moved house three times in three years, which means I had a massive clear out every year, getting rid of stuff that had been worn time and time again and as everyone’s new fave influencer would say, no longer brings me joy.

I don’t shop a quarter as much as I did when I lived at my Mums, over three years ago now. I use Pinterest most days to discover new ways to put a spin on items that have been sat in my wardrobe for a couple of seasons now and rely on accessories, mainly earrings and berets (the brighter, the better) to breathe new life into old faithful’s.

And, the weather. Why do we long for winter so much when in reality it means being in the same pieces of knitwear on rotation and forever having the battle of being too hot, then too cold on the commute to and from work?

So, I’m finally gonna get to the point of this post. It’s coming, don’t worry…

I’m throwing myself head and feet first into trying new fast fashion retailers. In a bid to keep up with the joneses and breathe some new life into my retro 2016/17 wardrobe, I’ve collaborated with Femme Luxe Refinery, a women’s fashion brand to create a couple of new outfits that I can wear to work (all praise a casj dress code) or at the weekend, with trainers or boots, whilst still feeling very much like me.

All praise knitwear

Gimme a new jumper and I feel like a new woman. All of my knitwear pieces are now bobbly and been through the wash one too many times.

So, when I was given the chance to select a couple of new knits from the Femme Luxe site I knew what I was looking for – colour and new shapes. Tick and Tick.

My first choice was this Block Colour Jumper Dress in pink and white. I loved the colour and knew I could style it with ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots or trainers at the weekend and leather look trousers and heels for a cute Saturday brunch vibe.

Next up, I went for this gorge Extreme Polo Neck Oversized Jumper in khaki. I don’t wear khaki very much and wanted to add a stylish newbie to my wardrobe that I can wear for work and still feel put together and super cosy and comfy on Monday mornings.

Lastly, I wanted to update my comfies and jumpsuits are so easy to throw on and go. I liked the tie detail round the waist of the Black Long Sleeve Flare Jumpsuit and the soft fabric means it looks cute to wear trainers and to wear round the house or throw on to do the ALDI shop #priorities

Femme Luxe Refiner Dress

It’s here where I need to give a shout-out to my Instagram husband-to-be for being very patient indeed when I asked if he could ‘just take a couple of pictures for me babe’… que hour long photoshoot in the lounge while Kimmy Schmitt played in the background….

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  1. I think you look fabulous! Some of the trends out there are ridiculous anyway! I always get a fright at least twice when I go online shopping lol! Love love love the pink and cream jumper! 🙂 xx

  2. First of all, I just wanna say I thoroughly enjoyed chuckling my way theough this post – I love the way you write! I think Khlow K is a great person to take inspo from and i totally feel you on the trying to hard thing but i think you just have to go for it! Love the pieces you chose from Femme Luxe Refinery too 🙂 really enjoyed this post!

  3. This is such a great post! While I’m a size 6, I completely understand your point about going in and out in unexpected places. For me it’s my hips so I always try to dress to flatter their odd shape x

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