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January aka the longest month of them all. We’re all skint, cold and waiting to have money in our banks once more. We’ve all felt the month drag, but there have been a few nice moments that have made it somewhat easier to get through…


I’ve loved getting into the kitchen and trying new recipes from my cookery books this month. Edamame spaghetti was a find in Aldi and we have incorporated healthier foods into our meal plans and tried new recipes as we went along. 

Earlier in the month, we headed along to Wahaca in Liverpool ONE to try their menu and get our hands on some v yummy street food. The menu was spot on with a generous helping of vegetarian dishes so we didn’t feel limited with our choices at all. 

And more recently, my Mum and I took a trip over to Manchester to watch Saturday Night Fever so we booked a table at Fumo San Carlo, taking full advantage of their 50% off January offer. 

Small plates are the order of the day and with the full menu included in the offer, we tried a couple of dishes each, plus pudding and the obligatory glass of prosecco to wash it down. Delicious!



Whilst in Manchester I popped along to Debenhams to visit the Dior counter as I wanted to get matched to the new Dior Forever matte foundation. I’ve read lots of good reviews and in particular, trust Lydia Millen’s review in her Paris vlog so I was matched to one of the lightest shades and I’ve been wearing a sample this week. I think a payday treat will be in order now my Estee Lauder Doublewear has run out…..

Earlier in the month, I was gifted the Lotil dry skin moisturiser and lotion to try. Initially, they got in touch as I’ve mentioned before about Darren’s eczema but sadly once it arrived we found the product to be scented which is a no-go so I’ve worked it into my routine. Thanks to the cold weather and bursts of snow we’ve had it’s actually been a good addition as I’ve had loads of dry skin on my arms and legs thanks to the cold weather and being out waiting for the train to work and on dog walks, like above!

We’ve spotted it since on the shelf in Boots for around £6 a bottle so it’s super reasonable and with so many skincare products specialising in eczema skin, if you suffer mildy, it might be worth a go!

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