‘So, when’s the wedding’ & Other Questions Brides-To-Be Avod

‘So when are you getting married?’ – The question I hate to answer

In April, Darren and I will have been engaged for 12 months. And we have not planned a thing. We haven’t actually discussed the whole ‘actually having to get married thing’.  I’ve thought about our wedding and I have a rough idea of what I do and don’t want but we can’t afford it.

Being 30, we’ve both watched lots of friends get married and have attended lots of different types of weddings.

If money was no object, I would marry Darren tomorrow. I want to be Mrs Parr. I actually cannot wait. But you kinda need the cash reddies and cos we’re funding our ‘big day’ I kinda want to keep it quite small, tbh.

I would love to be using this post to announce that we’ve booked our date and venue and it will be happening in the next 12 months. But I can’t justify spending alllll our money on what’s basically a party for a fuck tonne of people…

So, what do I want from our big day?

Funding a wedding is rarely discussed and I would love to hear more people be honest about reducing numbers to avoid over spending or if they have family help to pay for it all. Cos me and Darren pay our way out of our pocket, I think we get deluded in thinking that everyone is rich to afford houses, weddings, handbags  when that is not feasible for us.

If you are planning your day, there’s loads of websites and blogs to check out. So whenever the next person asks me, I have my answer ready for them, even though it might not be what they’re expecting….

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